{*Conditions Apply}

This week I am going to amaze you all with my lovely {*Conditions Apply} branded clothes outfit photos on instagram! Thanks to instagram, I could meet with the clothing brand {*Conditions Apply}. I love their unique style and their clever collections: these collections will always be fashion! I really enjoy making combos together with their amazing pieces.

Magnitone London

Ladies, check this out! Blendup flawlessly blends makeup like a Pro, whilst stimulating skin for a more natural look and a healthier finish. BlendUp glides over your skin with over 250 Vibra-Sonic movements p/sec to give the softest looking, most natural, airbrushed effect, that's both healthier for the skin and free from clumping, clogged pores,

Happy Socks

This year summer seemed to have ended surprisingly quick! Even though I am a typical summer girl, I love to see the amazing colours of the autumn.  It reminds me pumpkins, brown/green/yellow leaves, halloween, romantic fire places, warm drinks etc. Relax mood is on! Look forward to sitting in front of my fireplace with my

Extatic Pierre Balmain for Ladies

Recently, my perfume finished and so I went out to investigate a new fragrance for myself. When I try new perfumes, I always think 'would my husband like it'? It must be sexy and attractive, but yet elegant and stylish: a scent, that blows my husband's socks right off! I am not so much fan

Alexa K

Yippie!!! Recently I became an  ''Alexa K'' Global Ambassador for Turkey! I am so happy and proud to announce it  to you all. Let's celebrate my happiness  all together  http://www.alexa-k.com  First of all, let me introduce to you the gorgeous Jewellery and Accessories brand ''Alexa K''. Alexa K, is a Socially Responsible Jewellery and Accessories Brand.  Alexa K

Cocoa Locks

HAIR GROWTH NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!! For us ladies, probably hair growth is one of the most importing things in our life. Long hair is always trendy. I only cut my hair when I have a bad day else nobody can touch my hair with scissors :)) I believe for most of us ladies this

Worldly Vibes

Have you ever heard about Worldly Vibes? Love, positivity and good vibrations. Worldly Vibes is a streetwear brand which is inspired in 2016 and founded in 2017. Worldly Vibes believe humans should clothe meaningfully and purposefully. Worldly Vibes do not think only about fashion or style! They do think to give message to spread love,


Recently I have collaborated together with the watch brand 'Denzelofsweden'! According to our collaboration I had a chance to pick a watch from their amazing watch collections. For me it was very difficult to choose, because to be honest with you all pieces are unique! I am not kidding! It took me quite some time

Say Hello to new trendy beachwear

It's summer and dreams come true... Are you ready for 2017 Summer beach trends? Let's get ready together. I feel a great vacation coming on. I am planning to go Ibiza this summer. Already getting excited because of the amazing beach parties in Ibiza. And as second; Czech Republic. My son so wants to go