Ruby Lane Watches

Ruby Lane Watches

Ruby Lane watches are love! And I mean real love ladies! This year’s established Sydney – Australian brand’s background is a true love story… U wanna hear that story? I bet u do!

Who is Ruby?

‘I met her just south of Tweed Heads in northern NSW on a secret beach called – Dreamtime Beach. The second I set my eyes on her everything seemed to be in slow motion, from the wind blown hair to the sound of the waves crashing behind her. Her crystal blue eyes matched the flawless blue of the Ocean and her colourful dress represented every bit of her personality.

”Hi I am Ruby”

she said softly, my heart beat so intensely I could not respond. Then she smiled. Never have I saw her after this day, never have I been able to stop thinking of her. This was the moment I met the girl I dedicate this to ….. Ruby Lane’

My heart melts when reading this love story, which inspires Ruby Lane‘s gorgeous designs. Whenever I wear my Ruby Lane watch I remember this love story and my soul gets filled with warmth, passion and excitement. Roses, fireworks, candle lights always remind me of love… and now my Ruby Lane watch…

Ruby Lane Watches

Love the Time, Time to Love!

Ladies, Christmas is knocking on your doors so I want to inspire you with some beautiful time-pieces from Ruby Lane. Create your own love-story, and have your Santa to treat you with a passionate limited edition Ruby Lane Xmas gift pack! I love these gift packs from Ruby Lane; they offer many color options, and guess what:

free world wide shipping and 2 years manufacturer warranty!

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    These watches are so good! Love the turquoise

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    Omg so pretty!! Loved that pink one

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    Glor // Always Creating Blog

    oh-my-gosh!! these watches are so darling, I LOVE them!!!

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    These watches are so cool. I love the black one

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    Dom Baza

    Ooh I love these watches! They all look so pretty and stylish 👌🏼

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    The watch is so cute

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    Love those classy watches!

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    I love all those colors!

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    Never seen these wactches before! I love them!

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    StushiGal Style

    I’ve never heard of this brand but I am in love with that watch!

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    These are so pretty

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    Avani Chokshi

    Oh I love your WATCH.. so cool!

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