Cocorose London

Cocorose London, the definition of stylish & comfortable, but yet flexible & foldable shoes for modern women on-the-go!

Do you have enough shoes? I can bet on one pair of Cocorose London shoes, that you’ll never!

–  ‘I have enough shoes’ *No woman said that ever* 🤩

Me neither! Like any other woman on this planet, I never have enough shoes! And one thing is for sure: as from today I will never have enough Cocorose London shoes too 😘 I am addicted already!

Cocorose London

Imagine you, hanging around in the shopping mall full of fancy vitrines and then all of a sudden your tongue drops on the floor, your eyes pop out and sweat breaks out: there you bounced into some gorgeous pairs of Cocorose London shoes! What can make you more mouthwatering than those shoes? And their stylish packaging?

We all have a very busy life and our poor feet cannot be wrapped in high heels whole day long, but you don’t feel like carrying a more comfortable pair of shoes with you as well…  Well: those days are over girls! Cocorose London shoes are flexible enough to be folded in their own travel purse so you can take them with you easily wherever you like to go. They even easily fit in your hand bag! Ideal for any of us spending hours long in a plane, an office, a party etc!

Cocorose London

Cocorose London shoes are the choice for the working and traveling woman, or for the ones like me who hit the shopping streets often 🤩. Foldable, comfortable, stylish, designer lifestyle shoes! You’ll be amazed seeing these beautiful shoes, and you’ll be totally stunned when you wear them!

Cocorose London says; ”We’re passionate about creating shoes with a remarkable difference. Thoughtfully designed and crafted for life on-the-go, our designer brand is renowned for our revolutionary concept of shoes that fold”.

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    Great shoes

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    Dom Baza

    I love your shoes dear! Such a cute design on them.

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    These are the cutest flats ever

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    I love those shoes

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    The shoes are so cute babe

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    What a great brand! Those shoes are too cute

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    StushiGal Style

    Those shoes are absolutely adorable!

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    Such cute flats!

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    Your shoes are so cute!

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    Glor // Always Creating Blog

    Love your shoes, they’re so pretty! ❤️❤️

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