Dainty Jewells

Dainty Jewells

Dainty Jewells dresses make you really feel like a princess. But which princess? That answer you need to find for yourself  🙂  With this amazing Dainty Jewells dress, I felt myself like Princess Maxima!! (at this moment she is the gorgeous Dutch queen).

Who is Dainty Jewells?

Dainty Jewells has been providing modest elegance for the classy woman for close to a decade. Each charming design is hand-crafted to showcase a woman’s beauty and poise. The intricate embellishments and detailed accents make each piece completely unique, while creating an entire collection of classic fashions for true ladies of any generation.

Dainty Jewells

While Dainty Jewells is acclaimed for its stylish feminine apparel, it is the designer behind every flower, ruffle, and lace confection bearing the Dainty Jewells’ name that has made them the premier provider of modest clothing for women across the United States and abroad.

Charity Walter, a modern southern belle who grew up in North Carolina, began designing at the age of 16, with the intent of upcycling and creating unique pieces featuring custom embellishments, dainty details, and decorative confections. After inspiring friends and acquaintances with her unique creations, the idea of creating her own company was born. Dainty Jewells remains dedicated to providing affordable, modest clothing to women of all ages because Charity believes that dressing modestly is more than a fashion statement. Dressing with ladylike class is a privilege she believes all women should have access to.

Combined with her intuitive business sense, Charity’s ability and passion to design clothing for every body type and age group is a gift that has enabled Dainty Jewells to soar in excellence for quality, customer service, and integrity.

Charity incorporates her creativity into every part of her personal life as well, from designing her own wedding gown to decorating her new home in Oregon, and through pursuing other outlets of creativity such as music appreciation and playing the piano. Charity continues to enjoy life to its fullest.

The Dainty Jewells’ name derives from Charity’s middle name, Jewell. She was named after her great-grandmother who ran an upscale women’s boutique in the early 1900s in Mississippi.

Dainty Jewells

Princess Tuana’s fairytale

I am used to wearing more casual, sport & chic clothes. To be honest with you, this is the very first time that I am wearing a dress like this style. My dress on the picture is named ”Vintage The Abbey Dress”. Yes, it is the first time but it certainly won’t be the last time! This dress gives me such a nice mood. What can be better than feeling like a princess anyway? The moment I opened my package gave me the wow effect. Such a gorgeous dress. The motive design on the dress is just amazing. When I wore it this weekend, the first compliment came from my son and many followed!

Believe it or not: this ”Vintage The Abbey Dress” is available from size X-Small to XXX-Large!

Dainty Jewells also designs for the little Ladies https://daintyjewells.com/little-girls . Such a pretty collection!

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    You look loooovely in this dress. Love the details on it. Great jewerly too!!

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    I love this jewelry and you look great

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    I love this dress!

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    That dress is lovely dear

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    Love the dainty jewels!

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    StushiGal Style

    You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress!

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