Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

Seeing the designs in Louis Vuitton’s fantastic Women’s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection, you will probably imagine your new outfit to be filled with colorful, gold and silver metallic floral (yes, flowers forever!) patterns soon!

Totally cool party style combo’s are presented by Louis Vuitton, from the daily look to the nightly look: this beautiful, unique collection brings me instantly in the ”You go girl!” mood 😉 Going to clean out my closet today: Louis Vuitton – “I am OMW!”. Check out the pants, dresses and long vests: what a magnificent pieces!

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Colorful? Gold and silver? Well yeah! And it’s stunning ladies 🙂 But… if you can’t do away with black and leather: have no fear! This collection from Louis Vuitton includes some very stylish black and leather pieces too! As a matter of fact, Louis Vuitton presents many kinds of leather combos, especially in black color; leather vests are my favorites: to me, the leather pieces are the sexiest pieces in the collection! I am totally obsessed with those vests: they are long, down to the knees, and has just a few buttons at the front.

Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

i love the combos with a metallic floral long vest & a pair of high waisted pants… button up your vest a little & wear it with a t-shirt or just like that!

how about you?


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    Such a beautiful collection!! Love it

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    TheMelissaLifestyle (@MelissaLifestyl)

    Love the fashion

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    I LOved the collection

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    I love the details on the vests!

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    Such a great post

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    This entire collection is amazing, love the colors!

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