Tuana Schumacher

Tuana Schumacher is a social media influencer and the creator of fashionablover. She has years of experience working in the textile business (family business), fashion and social media. She shares her outfits and lifestyle moments on a regular basis with her followers, and tries to present that how the combination of both luxury brands pieces and affordable priced items look amazing on women. She also tries to show that purchasing items with a low budget can result in gorgeous outfits too.

From origin a Circassian woman, born and raised in Turkey. Graduated from the faculty of International Management with an honor degree. She is married with a Dutch man for 14 years, and together they have a wonderful 13 year old son.

As 33 year old mother she proudly shows how women can keep their beauty and youthful fit body without any plastic surgery! She is good at finding beautiful clothes in unexpected stores as well as finding unexpected clothes at well-known stores, while traveling around the world.